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Welcome to Green Sense Ltd - Value for Money Products
  Green Sense was set up to offer value for money products and services which can be self funding, provide efficient, cost effective and simple solutions for products related to heat, light, power & water.
  Green Sense is proud to introduce SmartBurn, a multi award winning eco - friendly chimney flue cleaning product as well as GreenSmart Pots, a self contained system that can be used to easily grow completely organic vegetables and herbs in any space: from a balcony in a flat right up to whole paddocks on a farm
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SmartBurn Chimney Flue Cleaner GreenSmart Self Watering Pots
Read more about our SmartBurn products... Read more about our GreenSmart Pots products...
Green Sense is proud to introduce SmartBurn. a multi award winning
eco - friendly chimney flue cleaning product which REDUCES SMOKE
EMISSIONS and gets MORE HEAT and BETTER VALUE for money from
your wood. Please click here for more information on SmartBurn...

Green Sense Ltd is proud to introduce GreenSmart Pots; the smarter way
to grow. It makes growing vegetable and herbs simple. The self watering
potting system is a marriage of style and function that tackles the economic, environmental and health challenges of the 21st century. Click here for more...

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smart burn uk
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